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Top standard water filtration

The 4-stage filtration in the PURITY Quell ST prevents limescale deposits and ensures consistently high water quality. This means you can rest assured that your high-quality equipment provides maximum performance 24 hours a day. Consistent water quality over the entire service life of the filter and reliable removal of unwanted tastes and odors ensures exceptional quality and a unique taste for your drinks and dishes.


PURITY Quell ST technology

The PURITY Quell ST with 3 different filter sizes ensures reliable removal of scale-forming substances, as well as unwanted odors and flavors, and chlorine and heavy metals, thereby offering optimal product quality and long machine running times. Moreover, the filter in the water safely retains any coarse and fine particles. The PURITY concept is based on a simple idea: For every type of problematic water in the professional restaurant industry, MAVEA offers a simple solution, tailored towards the specific problem a filter from the PURITY family, simple and uncomplicated.



IntelliBypass technology

The unique IntelliBypass technology allows for a constant by-pass water rate irrespective of the volumetric flow. This ensures a consistently high water quality, particularly in case of low water throughput rates.

Filtration stages

Filtration stages PURITY Quell ST

1. Prefiltration
The expansion media removes coarse particles
2. Temporary hardness reduction
An ion exchanger reduces the temporary hardness content and prevents scale deposits
3. Activated carbon filtration
Substances that can impair taste and odor are eliminated
4. Fine filtration
Retains small particles

PURITY technology means:
• Optimal water quality
Outstanding and consistent water quality free from substances that can impair taste and odor
• High level of product safety
For problem-free operation and safe handling
• Simple handling
Operates quicker and easier than ever before


Targeted prevention of scale deposits and associated machine failure
Service and repair costs are noticeably reduced
Problem-free use behind domestic water softeners
Simple to use thanks to the PURITY replacement cartridge system
Specific adjustment to local conditions due to variable by-pass setting
Elimination of unwanted tastes and odors in entire filtrate
Coffee, espresso and other beverages develop their full flavor, authentic-aroma full body and a thick golden-brown crema that lasts.

PURITY 450 Quell ST
PURITY 600 Quell STPURITY 1200 Quell ST
Capacity1in liters/US gallons with a carbonate hardness of 

coffee/espresso/vending machines

(by-pass setting 40%)

4,217 L
1,114 US gal
7,207 L
1,904 US gal
13,187 L
3,484 US gal
Capacity1 in liters/US gallons with a carbonate hardness of 

combi ovens/coventional ovens

(by-pass setting 10%)

2,995 L
791 US gal
5,118 L
1,352 US gal
9,364 L
2,474 US gal
Max. operating pressure 6.9 bar / 100psi
Operating/water temperature 4-30°C / 39-86°F
Flow at 1 bar/14.5 psi pressure loss max. 350 l/h │92.4 US gal/h
Nominal flow 60 l/h / 15.85 US gal/h 120 l/h / 31.7 US gal/h
Pressure loss at nominal flow (MDU) 0.12 bar/1.72 psi max. 0.36 bar/5.22 psi max. 0.32 bar/4.64 psi
Pressure loss at nominal flow (without MDU) 0.08 bar/1.16 psi max. 0.27 bar/3.92 psi max. 0.24 bar/3.48 psi
Dimensions (height/width) 408/249 mm
16.06/9.80 inch
520/249 mm
20.47/9.80 inch
550/288 mm
2.65/11.34 inch
10/12 kg
22/26 lbs
12/15 kg
26/33 lbs
18/24 kg
40/53 lbs
Connections G1" / G ¾"
Operating position Horizontal or vertical
Chlorine reduction The MAVEA PURITY water filter system has been tested according to NSF/ANSI 42 for reduction of chlorine. While testing was performed under standard laboratory conditions, actual performance of the system my vary.
Influent challenge concentration 2.0 mg/l = 10%
Reduction requirement > = 50%
Actual average reduction 97.1%
Capacity based on chlorine reduction 6,000 L
1,585 US gallons
7,500 L
1,981 US gallons
13,500 L
3,566 US gallons
rated service flow (Ipm) 1.8 Ipm
PURITY Quell ST Complete (Pressure vessel, standard cartridge + lid with measuring display unit (MDU) 106219 106220 106221
Replacement cartridge 276100 276000 275900
Flow Meter 10-100 A NPT 1013871
Flow Meter 10-100 A BSP 1009598
Temporary hardness test kit 710801
Appropriate accessories can be found in our price list
1 The capacity limits refer to average usage of the terminal equipment. They do not include any filter flushing or cleaning cycle allowance and depend on local water quality, flow, mains pressure and flow continuity.
2 Degree German hardness 3 Grain per gallons (US hardness)
Only drinking water may be used as the water supply for MAVEA water filters